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Drink Up Pups! Pet Republic Debuts Sips While the World Takes Notice


The long awaited, highly anticipated, debut of Pet Republic’s SIPS was finally revealed to the world in Long Beach, CA on November 8th 2015. People from all over the world got their first glimpse of the original, easy-to-use, water enhancer for dogs as they came to show their support for Nationwide’s 9th Annual Pet Cancer Awareness Walk along the beautiful Pacific Coast. From Australia to Los Angeles people came with their dogs, and one pig, to partake in pet cancer education, socializing with other dogs and pet owners, free food, and trade with vendors. In attendance were 12 companies including food vendors, pet clothing, veterinary services, and those selling specialty items. The spotlight was shining on Pet Republic all Day.

Pet Republic awed the crowed with curious interest as people saw the company for their first time in person. Throughout the day, dogs ran the Sips enhanced water bowl dry several times. One owner mentioned, “I have tried and tried to get my dog to drink water all day, before and after the 2 mile walk, and was unsuccessful until I introduced him to Sips!”

Needless to say, Sips was a huge success. But it wasn’t always like that. Pet Republic took years making revisions to their drink for dogs since its early conception as an orange flavored powder. Shifting to a liquid enhancer, Pet Republic ensured that the formula would contain only the best ingredients while still appealing to dogs taste buds. Pet Republic successfully formulated sips without adding sugar or artificial sweeteners. They also avoided dyes, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, animal byproducts, gluten, wheat, and soy. Ritesh Salvi of Pet Republic explained to a customer how to use Sips, “all you have to do is pour water into your dog’s bowl and follow it up with a couple of small squirts of Sips, sit back, and watch your dog fall in love.” Some people described the smell as, ‘caramel in nature’ or, ‘resembling coffee.’ Whatever it is, dogs love it! Sips is ingenious! It is an ideal way to deliver essential vitamins and minerals to your pet while ensuring proper hydration! This innovative product allows your dog to enjoy a tasty drink while you drink your tasty drink of choice too. At the event, Chris Rod of Pet Republic was quoted stating, “We have been enjoying flavored drinks for over 100 years now, yet during that time, humans have unfairly stripped dogs of this luxury. However, thanks to Sips, now your dog does have an alternative choice to plain and tasteless water too.” Pet Republic broke sales records as some customers walked away with multiple bottles, giant smiles, and happy dogs.

While people came for exercise, enjoyment, and to learn a thing or two about how to treat and prevent cancer in their pets, they also were treated to a great surprise as they and their dogs, for the first time, experienced Pet Republic’s Sips original water enhancer for dogs and fell in love with something that will soon sweep the nation as a household item. Its only a matter of time!

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