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Ice Cube Dog

Ever wonder if your dog sweats? You never see a dog perspiring, or in a big flop sweat after a long walk or some form of exercise so how do they exactly keep their bodies cool the way we humans do by turning on our “internal air conditioner” and sweating?

It is a common misconception that dogs do not sweat.  Dogs DO sweat, however you are not able to see or even feel the sweat on their entire bodies except one place… the pads of their feet. This is the only area of a dog’s body that perspires since it is the only place where sweat glands reside. The sweat that comes from this area of the body is minimal however; thus, dogs must employ other ways to regulate their body temperature even further.

This other way of cooling down is called panting. By panting dogs move cool air onto the moist surfaces of their tongues and also to their lungs but at the same time release heat from their bodies to the atmosphere.

Since dogs are not able to cool down the way humans do by sweating throughout their entire bodies, pet owners must be extra careful with dogs to prevent heat stroke when taking their dogs out for heavy activity in hot temperatures. Pugs and bulldogs should especially be taken care of in the heat since they are not able to pant as easy other dog breeds.

In the case of this question whether the statement “Dogs Don’t Sweat” is Myth of Fact, we have to go with MYTH on this one.

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